Take the 100 Beach Challenge to find your perfect blend of sand & saltwater

Explore 170 kilometres of coastline by checking off our 100 Beaches using our online game. Challenge yourself on an adventure through our national parks or enjoy Shoalhaven wines and produce at cellar doors and long lunches. Our Live Like a Local itinerary is a favourite, combining salt, sand and a little indulgence at your home away from home. If you are already here you can register and start playing now, or download a printable copy to show your crew.

Do you want to laze about with Kangaroos on the beach? Head to Depot or Pebbly on one of our coastal walks. Seeking sheltered waters for a paddle or a snorkel? Try the family friendly beaches. Explore white sands, national parks, surf breaks or pet friendly patches - and when the sun goes down our night scene lights up.


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Lobster Jacks Beach Ulladulla
Lobster Jacks is a quiet and hidden beach on the northern side of Warden Head in Ulladulla. The beach is only accessible from Ulladulla Headland
Barfleur Beach
Barfleur Beach backs onto the beautiful Plantation Point Reserve. The tall trees behind the beach make it feel very secluded from the world.
Bendalong Beach
Bendalong Beach stretches between the villages of Bendalong and Manyana. The beach faces south-east and is a great place for taking the family.
Berrara Beach
Berrara Beach runs between two rock reefs near the small villages of Cudmirrah and Berrara. This beach often has good reef breaks, and the northern
Bherwerre Beach
Bherwerre beach is a long 5 mile long beach with a lot of sand for spreading out. Popular for surfing at the North in Summer
Bindijine Beach
Bindijine Beach (sometimes spelt bindigine) is a long sandy beach located on Beecroft Peninsula.
Blenheim Beach
Blenheim Beach is a short beach that forms part of the famous White Sands Walk in Jervis Bay National Park. It is surrounded by dense
Boat Harbour Beach in Bendalong is a popular place to come and feed the local sting rays at the boat ramp or spend a day
Green Patch beach, Booderee National Park
Green Patch camping area is located in beautiful Booderee National Park at Jervis Bay. Booderee offers a wide range of activities in a pristine natural
Bristol Point
Bristol Point Beach is a gorgeous small patch of white sand nestled between two protective rock shelves.
Buckleys Beach
Buckleys Beach runs from Narrawallee Inlet in the south to Buckleys Point in the north.
Burrill Beach
Burrill Beach lines the inlet to Burrill Lake. It backs onto a picnic area which is a great spot to go and enjoy some local
Burrill Lake Entrance Beach
Burrill Lake Entrance Beach runs north from the entrance to Burrill Lake and is accessible from the Princes Highway north of the lake entrance or
Callala Beach
Callala Beach is the longest beach in Jervis Bay and is a great place to swim.
Cave Beach
Cave Beach is on the southern side of Booderee National Park. There is often good surf and big swell so the nearby campground attracts keen


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