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Explore 170 kilometres of coastline by checking off our 100 Beaches using our online game. Challenge yourself on an adventure through our national parks or enjoy Shoalhaven wines and produce at cellar doors and long lunches. Our Live Like a Local itinerary is a favourite, combining salt, sand and a little indulgence at your home away from home. If you are already here you can register and start playing now, or download a printable copy to show your crew.

Do you want to laze about with Kangaroos on the beach? Head to Depot or Pebbly on one of our coastal walks. Seeking sheltered waters for a paddle or a snorkel? Try the family friendly beaches. Explore white sands, national parks, surf breaks or pet friendly patches - and when the sun goes down our night scene lights up.


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Kids at Murrays Beach. Image courtesy of Tourism Shoalhaven
Known as the jewel in the Booderee National Park, Murrays Beach offers swimmers and snorkelers alike, pristine clear waters and pearly white sand. Perfect for
Surf, beach, mollymook,

Mollymook is a popular family beach with the best parks and safest bathing at the southern end around the Surf Club. Surfers will enjoy the

Culburra Beach
Warrain Beach is the surfing beach for the settlement of Culburra. It begins on the south side of Penguin Head and runs to the south
Wairo Beach

Wairo is a 5km long beach which stretches from Lagoon Head in the north to Lake Tabourie in the south. It has many access points

Cormorant Beach
Cormorant Beach backs onto a small area of wetlands is a short pet friendly beach, perfect for walking the dog and going for a dip.
Mollymook Beach

Mollymook Beach sweeps for two kilometres between Bannister Point in the north and the southern headland where the Mollymook golf club is located. Both ends

Collers Beach

Collers Beach is a pet friendly beach popular with surfers for the reef breaks at either end including the famous ‘Golfy’ reef. Take your dog

Honeymoon Bay, beach, camp

Honeymoon Bay is set in a picturesque location in Jervis Bay. It is approximately 10 kilometres from the edge of Currarong along the Point Perpendicular

Bull Pup Beach
Bull Pup Beach is a quiet south-facing beach which backs on to the Murramarang Aboriginal Area Walking Track and some of the Murramarang middens. This
Washerwomans Beach

Bring your pet along and enjoy the 24hr off-leash Washerwomans Beach near Bendalong village. The beach extends for 840m between Dee Beach and Boat Harbour

Stokes Island Beach

The beautiful Stokes Island Beach runs south from Tabourie Point Beach in Murramarang National Park. It backs on to the Sunburnt Beach Campground where you

Abrahams Bosom Beach

You can access Abrahams Bosom Beach by walking from the Abrahams Bosom car park on Beecroft Parade. This beach is popular with families and is

Hare Bay

Hare Bay is popular with paddle boarders and jet skiiers because of the calm water and proximity to Callala Bay. The beach can be accessed

North Beach

North Beach is a little known beach which runs between Willinga Point and Nuggan Point for about 750m and includes the inlet to Willinga Lake.

Ulladulla Harbour Outer Beach

This little known beach features the Ulladulla Sea Pool and also has lots of exciting fossils in the surrounding rock pools. It is a short

Cave Beach

Cave Beach is on the southern side of Booderee National Park. There is often good surf and big swell so the nearby campground attracts keen

Boat Harbour Beach

Boat Harbour Beach in Bendalong is a popular place to come and feed the local sting rays at the boat ramp or spend a day

Island Beach

You will feel like you are on a tropical island far away from reality on Island Beach, which links at low tide with the rocky

Nelson Beach, Shoalhaven

Nelson is one of the quieter beaches in Jervis Bay. It has spectacular white sand and often has enough room to spread out with the

Tilbury Cove

Tilbury Cove is located on the Eastern end of Culburra Beach and backs onto Penguin Head. It is often calmer than other nearby beaches, but

Barfleur Beach

Barfleur Beach backs onto the beautiful Plantation Point Reserve. The tall trees behind the beach make it feel very secluded from the world, even though

Berrara Beach

Berrara Beach runs between two rock reefs near the small villages of Cudmirrah and Berrara. This beach often has good reef breaks, and the northern

beach, sunrise, rocks, people, currarong, shoalhaven

Currarong Beach features a sheltered swimming area at the southern end as well as the rivermouth to Currarong Creek, which is a popular spot for

Callala Bay

Callala Bay is a white sand beach which backs onto a village of the same name. It is a popular spot for yachts to moor,

Dolphin Point Beach

Dolphin Point Beach is a rocky beach frequented by local surfers. The lookout off of Seaside Parade is a great spot for whale watching as

Chinamans Beach

Chinamans Beach is known for having some of the whitest sand in Jervis Bay. It forms part of the White Sands Walk from Vincentia to

Collingwood Beach

Collingwood Beach is a little known secret of Jervis Bay, 2.2km long. There are lots of access points along Elizabeth Dr in Vincentia, and the

Long curved beach bordered by forest.
The most southern beach of the Shoalhaven is North Durras Beach which backs onto North Durras village on the southern end of the beach. The
Depot Beach
Depot Beach is a stunning beach with abundant native wildlife and clear water and swimming holes. It backs onto Depot Beach campground and the tiny
Wilsons Beach

Wilsons Beach is located in Abrahams Bosom Reserve and can only be accessed on foot from the Abrahams Bosom car park. It is about a

Blenheim Beach

Blenheim Beach is a short beach that forms part of the famous White Sands Walk in Jervis Bay National Park. It is surrounded by dense

Cudmirrah Beach

Cudmirrah Beach is the home of Sussex Inlet Surf Lifesaving Club (which is also the best access point) and well known by keen surfers for

Cat and Kitten Beach
Cat and Kitten beach is near Bawley Point and provides the best views of Brush Island. Brush Island lies directly off the shore and is
Iluka Beach

Iluka Beach is located between Captains Beach and Greenpatch inside Booderee National Park. It is iconic for its unspoilt bushland and crystal blue water. There

Racecourse Beach, Bawley Point
Racecourse Beach near Bawley Point town backs onto Racecourse Beach Tourist Park. It is a short walk from the car park on Murramarang Rd and
Silica Cove
Silica Cove is located on Beecroft Peninsula and is a 6km return walk rich in Aboriginal cultural heritage. You might see white bellied sea eagles
Shelly Beach
Shelly Beach near Kioloa village runs south from Shelly Head which is a popular fishing spot in small swell. Surfable waves can often be found
Huskisson Beach

Huskisson Beach is located under White Sands Park. It is a popular family beach, great for kayaking and paddle boarding with public toilets and a

Merry Beach
Merry Beach faces due East and backs onto a caravan park which offers fantastic beach front camping. Fishing is popular in small swell from the
Coomee Nulunga Beach

Coomee Nulunga Beach is actually made up of two beaches which face south from Warden Head in Ulladulla and form part of the fantastic Coomee

Bindijine Beach

Bindijine Beach (sometimes spelt bindigine) is a long sandy beach located on Beecroft Peninsula. There is a small jetty at the northern end of the

Greenfield Beach

Set amongst the picturesque setting of the Jervis Bay National Park, Greenfield Beach offers much more than crystal clear waters and soft white sands. It's

Dee Beach

Dee Beach is a small beach near North Bendalong that is popular with families in summer. It is a small beach wedged between two tree

Pebbly Beach Kangaroos

Pebbly Beach, located in the Murramarang Naional Park, is already known widely as the home of the surfing kangaroos.

Moona Moona Creek

Moona Moona Beach lies just north of Moona Moona Creek and backs onto Huskisson Beach Tourist Park. The creek and the beach are great spots

Crampton Island Beach

Crampton Island Beach is only accessible at low tide from Tabourie Point Beach when the island re-joins the mainland. The beach faces north-west and is

Cunjurong Point Beach
Cunjurong Point Beach leads out to Green Island, a famous surfing spot popular with local longboarders. Please respect surfing etiquette and exercise caution if you
The view from the headland looking along Pretty Beach. Photo:John Yurasek

Whether you’re camping or treating yourself to a stay at the nearby cabins, Pretty Beach is a great place to take in some of Murramarang

Steamers Beach

Steamers Beach in Booderee National Park is not for the faint hearted. It is a long walk through the bush, but the beach is a

Bendalong Beach

Bendalong Beach stretches between the villages of Bendalong and Manyana. The beach faces south-east and is a great place for taking the family and enjoying

Racecourse Beach Ulladulla

Racecourse Beach in Ulladulla is a long surf beach which can be accessed from the car park and lookout on South Pacific Crescent. The car

Bristol Point

Bristol Point Beach is a small patch of sand between two rock shelves. The Bristol Point campground is one of few places you can camp

Conjola Lake Ocean Beach

Conjola Lake Ocean Beach is a long beach which runs south to Buckleys Point from the inlet to Lake Conjola. This beach backs onto the

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Little Hyams (sometimes called Hyams Point) is a short beach just north of Hyams Beach. Both beaches are famous for white sand and crystal clear

Kitty Beach
Kitty Beach is one of the Shoalhaven’s most remote beaches. It can be accessed on foot from the St Georges Head Track in Booderee National
Mermaid Pools

Cudmirrah Nature Reserve Beach (sometimes referred to as Berrara South) backs completely onto unspoilt bush land, and is only accessible by paddling across the creek

Rennies Beach Ulladulla

Rennies beach just south of Ulladulla faces south so is a great place to watch the sun rise and fall over the water, and watch

Hole in the Wall Beach

Hole in the Wall Beach gets its name from the sandstone rock wall with a hole in it at the Eastern end of the beach.

O'Hara Island Beach South
O’Hara Island Beach South is actually made up of two small beaches south of O’Hara Island and forms part of the Pretty to Pebbly beach
Ulladulla Harbour North Beach
This little known beach is located just north of Ulladulla Harbour and is pet friendly (off leash area) 24/7. You’ll often spot fisherman sitting on
Target Beach

Target Beach is located on Beecroft Peninsula and can be accessed from the Target Beach track which is a 4km return walk.

Tranquillity Bay
Tranquillity Bay is as the name suggests a peaceful cove around the corner from Depot Beach, walking distance from Depot Beach village. The remoteness of
Tabourie Point Beach

Tabourie Point Beach runs south from the entrance to Tabourie Lake down to Stokes Island. Paddle boarding is a fun activity inside the river mouth,

Captains Beach

Captains Beach runs from HMAS Creswell Navy Base down to Iluka Beach and Greenpatch Beach, and is part of Booderee National Park. HMAS Creswell is

Nuggan Point Beach
This short beach has beautiful untouched forest growing right down to the sand. It can be accessed on foot from Meroo Head or Willinga Point
Burrill Lake Entrance Beach
Burrill Lake Entrance Beach runs north from the entrance to Burrill Lake and is accessible from the Princes Highway north of the lake entrance or
Burns Bay
Burns Bay is located along the Pebbly to Pretty walk and backs on to dense bushland. The beach itself is made of pebbles and the
Dawsons Island Beach
The namesake of this beach is Dawsons Island which is a rock platform that lies 100m offshore. The beach is accessible on foot from Pretty
Seven Mile Beach National Park

Seven Mile Beach National Park offers a great day out for the whole family between Kiama and Nowra. Activities include fishing, swimming, picnicking and walking

Comerong Island

Comerong Island is located on the southern end of Seven Mile Beach. To get onto the island you are required to take a small car

Narrawallee Beach

Narrawallee Beach is a popular spot for learning to surf and for families. The southern end often has long breaking waves, ideal of learning to

Meroo Beach
Meroo Beach runs south of Meroo Head from 800m down to Nuggan Point. It is accessible from Meroo Head camping ground which is a great
Long Beach

Long Beach is a 2km long white sand beach on Beecroft Peninsula with stunning turquoise water. It can be accessed from a car park on

Lobster Bay

Lobster Bay is a north facing beach located along Coomies Walk in Abrahams Bosom Reserve. It can only be accessed on foot from Abrahams Bosom

Callala Beach

Callala Beach is the longest beach in Jervis Bay and is a great place to swim with children as the waves are very gentle. Parts

Shark Net Beach

Shark Net Beach is located in Huskisson. The beach got its name from the shark net which used to be in the water there, but

Gannet Beach
Gannet Beach is a short beach in Bawley Point village south of Jurwin Head which is great for snorkelling and surfing. It is accessible from
Buckleys Beach

Buckleys Beach runs from Narrawallee Inlet in the south to Buckleys Point in the north. It is accessible by paddling from Narrawallee Inlet or by

Orion Beach Jervis Bay

Orion Beach in Vincentia is one of Jervis Bay’s white sand beaches and has a newly constructed footpath which enables people of all abilities to

Singing Stones Beach
The Singing Stones beach is a small pebble cove just south of Island Beach where the pebbles sing when the waves wash into them. It
Lobster Jacks Beach Ulladulla

Lobster Jacks is a quiet and hidden beach on the northern side of Warden Head in Ulladulla. The beach is only accessible from Ulladulla Headland

Burrill Beach

Burrill Beach lines the inlet to Burrill Lake. It backs onto a picnic area which is a great spot to go and enjoy some local

Murramarang Beach
Murramarang Beach runs south from Malibu Drive in Bawley Point village and is one of the longer beaches in this area so is great for
Snake Bay
Snake Bay is a beautiful isolated beach that is a combination of pebbles and sand, located along the Pretty to Pebbly walk and not accessible
Callala Bay

Callala Bay, on the shores of Jervis Bay, is a quaint little coastal village known for its beaches, safe bay swimming and dolphin parades. There

Shellgrit Beach

Shellgrit Beach sits on the southern tip of Red Head near Bendalong village, in between Boat Harbour Beach and Bendalong (Inyadda) Beach. The beach is

Scottish Rocks Beach

Scottish Rocks Beach is located in Booderee National park. Scottish Rocks is somewhere you can truly find your own space. There is a small parking

Sussex Inlet

The entrance to Sussex Inlet is full of little beaches and great places to swim and paddle. The inlet is also a popular fishing spot,

Manyana Beach

Manyana Beach runs from Manyana village to Cunjurong Point and Green Island. It is a popular surfing spot and the northern headland provides beautiful views

Kioloa Beach
Kioloa Beach runs south from Butlers Point and backs onto Kioloa Beach Holiday Park. The beach can be accessed from Kioloa Beach Holiday Park or
Flat Rock Beach

Flat Rock beach is accessible from Holly St or North Bendalong Rd in North Bendalong and features a 90m stretch of beach between two rock

Monument Beach

Monument Beach lies between Berrara and Bendalong is named after the monument behind the beach dedicated to the lives lost in the ship wreck of

Bawley Beach

Bawley Beach is protected by the large southern headland (Bawley Point) which features two popular surf breaks. On the northern protected side of the point

Termeil Point Beach

This beach runs for 1.7km from Termeil Point to Meroo Head. Meroo Head features a spectacular cove and rock formation which is great for exploring

Whiting Beach
Whiting Beach is a 2 hour walk from the Steamers Cark Park in Booderee National Park. If you visit at the right time you might
Bherwerre Beach

Bherwerre beach is a long beach with a lot of sand for spreading out or taking a long walk. It is one of the quieter

Sunburnt Beach

Sunburnt Beach is a short beach north of Termeil Point that has its own campground on the northern end. This stretch of coastline has numerous

Green Patch beach, Booderee National Park

Green Patch camping area is located in beautiful Booderee National Park at Jervis Bay. Booderee offers a wide range of activities in a pristine natural

Avenue Beach
Avenue Beach lies between Shelly Beach and Kioloa Beach and backs onto coastal bushland. This beach is great for a peaceful walk and is located

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  • Oops, looks like you haven't added anything to do on this day, find out where you can eat , stay, or play in Shoalhaven.
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  • You know you want to stay more than 1 day, so why not find out where you can eat , stay, or play in Shoalhaven.
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