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Best Snorkelling in Jervis Bay

Swim through unspoilt waters and get close to a variety of marine life by snorkelling in Jervis Bay. We’ve popped together a list of the slightly more secluded locations throughout the bay, hand-picked by our local snorkelling experts. Head on out to any of these tried and tested hotspots for an underwater adventure to remember.


1. Shark Net Beach, Huskisson

Pack your gear and take a dip just south of Huskisson Beach, at the quieter Shark Net Beach. This beach is 170m long with a low rocky shore known for its incredibly calm swell. This location has calm waters making it an ideal spot for snorkelling in Jervis Bay. The water is crystal clear, giving snorkellers ample opportunity to spot various marine life and habitats. Located close to the Jervis Bay hub of Huskisson, there are plenty of shops and eateries nearby to refuel on your adventure.


2. Plantation Point, Vincentia

Plantation Point is an idyllic place to set up for a day of relaxing coastal exploration. The lush trees stand tall, making this location feel incredibly peaceful and secluded. On one side lies Barfleur Beach, and a short stroll through the reserve will lead you to Nelsons Beach. Plantation Point Reserve is also fully equipped with picnic tables, BBQs and a playground, making it a top pick for families.


3. Greenfield & Blenheim Beaches, Vincentia

Two great snorkelling destinations in Vincentia are Greenfield Beach and Blenheim Beach, conveniently connected by the stunning White Sands WalkGreenfield Beach is filled with sparkling white sand and tucked away from the hustle and bustle. The waves aren’t too harsh here, so it’s an excellent place for new snorkellers to get a taste of the sport. On the other end of the walk at Blenheim Beach, you’ll find the ultimate bush to beach experience. Locals know this area to offer up some of the best snorkelling in the bay. Marine life is abundant here, and if you visit during winter, you might even catch the humpback whale migration!


4. Green Patch Beach, Booderee National Park

Green Patch Beach is a popular snorkelling spot for the younger ones and those just starting. The calm and safe water makes for a great environment to learn the ropes. This beach is inside Booderee National Park, filled with tonnes of local wildlife, including wallabies, lorikeets and echidnas. You can catch a glimpse of octopus, squid, and fish that swim about around the rock platforms in the water. While you’re here, be sure to venture along the Telegraph Creek Walking Trail. 


5. Murrays Beach, Booderee National Park

Just a stone’s throw from Green Patch, at the end of the bay, are the white sands of Murrays Beach. Several short walking trails will lead you here from Green Patch – make sure to check out Scottish Rocks and the Hole in the Wall along the way! The towering sandstone cliffs at Murrays are captivating, extending down the peninsula’s eastern coast and around to St George Head on the southern side. Snorkelling spots are abundant – there are shallow and deep-water rock reefs, sand zones, seagrass meadows, silty sand-flats, platforms and caves to explore. If you happen to be here at the right time, you may even see squid mating and laying their eggs!


6. Little Hyams Beach

Hyams Beach is our most famous white sand beach in Jervis Bay, but there’s a smaller beach towards its north. Little Hyams Beach (also known as Hyams Point) is more secluded and boasts clear waters that provide excellent snorkelling conditions. Blue Gropers, rockfish and small stingrays are often spotted here. A couple of minutes further north from Little Hyams will lead you to Chinamans Beach, another local snorkelling secret. A hot tip would be to try and catch a sunrise or sunset at either of these beaches. The stunning colours of mother nature are a sight for sore eyes.


7. Beecroft Peninsula & Point Perpendicular

Rocky areas around Jervis Bay are usually teeming with fish and marine life of all descriptions. Venture out to Beecroft Peninsula with Woebegone FreediveCrest Diving or Dive Jervis Bay for a sea cave snorkelling adventure. These expert operators will take care of all the hard stuff and guide you through this fascinating underwater world. There are many impressive sea caves along the base of the headland that are home to many sea creatures. Guided tour are catered to all experience levels and lets you tap into all that insider knowledge. For a more tranquil snorkelling expedition in sheltered waters, make a trip to Honeymoon Bay. This picturesque beach is family-friendly, easy to reach and lies along the main road that leads to Point Perpendicular Lighthouse.


Swim & Snorkel with Care

With its pristine water and stunning coastline, Jervis Bay Marine Park is a hugely popular snorkelling destination. It’s an absolute paradise for water babies looking for some adventure. This whole region, though, is a protected environment, so please do be mindful not to disturb any natural habitats and check the guidelines on how to interact with endangered marine species. One of the reasons why Jervis Bay is so unique is because there’s a myriad of wildlife that can hopefully call this place home for many generations to come.

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