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Underwater Explorations

Scuba Diving and Snorkelling

Scuba diving and snorkelling are hugely popular seaside activities in the Shoalhaven and our pristine waterways are waiting to be explored. Beneath the surface lies an amazing variety of marine life with clear visibility at about 10-20 metres. Spend your holiday swimming alongside fish, dolphins, weedy sea dragons and a multitude of other beautiful animals under the sea.


Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay Marine Park is a vast, beautiful and complex ecosystem, fondly known as the South Coast’s alternative to the Great Barrier Reef. The clear, blue waters, stunningly white beaches, rocky reefs and diverse coastal landscape make Jervis Bay one of the best snorkelling and diving destinations in Australia. This unique stretch of sea provides a variety of dive sites ranging in depth from 5m – 40m (and deeper). The coastline is alive with kelp beds, sand flats and sand meadows, all of which provide habitats for plenty of water dwelling animals. Venture upon a shore dive or cave dive and witness our stunning marine life come out to play. Divers regularly site large pods of dolphins, Wobbegong sharks, smooth black rays, giant cuttle fish and fur seals.



Pack your goggles and snorkel and take a peek into the underwater worlds of the Shoalhaven. If you’re planning to explore on your own or with a small group of friends we recommend heading to the small bays and beaches that surround Currarong and Abrahams Bosom Reserve. These spectacular nooks and crannies are relatively quiet and untouched so you might even get the chance to snorkel without anyone else in sight. For those who don’t already have their own equipment, don’t worry because our expert operators have you covered. Head out on a boat snorkel tour with a knowledgeable guide who can show you all of the best spots and make the most of your time in the ocean. Favourite hotspots are the caves south of Point Perpendicular or the coral-filled beaches of Jervis Bay. Further south, Jones Bay near Mollymook is another excellent location. It’s one of the regions only pebble beaches and is often protected from the swell.


Scuba Diving

Learning to scuba dive is one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have. Don’t wait any longer if you’ve always wanted to give this sport a go, both Jervis Bay and Ulladulla are excellent places to learn. Newcomers and more advanced courses are available so you can really fine tune your diving technique. It won’t be long before you start exploring cliffs, drop offs, caves and soft coral walls and getting up close and personal with our cute as a button fur seals. Other highlights during a scuba dive are the soft corals and sponge gardens, in addition to large schooling fish, docile sharks and many other vertebrates and invertebrates.


Snorkel and dive with our local experts

To really get the lay of the land (well, of the sea, in this instance) we highly recommend venturing out on a snorkelling or diving tour with our local operators. Their immense knowledge of the region means that you’ll be guided to amazing Shoalhaven hotspots filled with stunning marine life. Woebegone Freedive, run by Lara and Dylan, South Coast locals with over 15 years of experience, offers unique and adventurous beach and boat snorkelling expeditions to the seal colonies, sea caves and white sandy beaches of Jervis Bay. No prior experience is necessary, only the ability to swim and be comfortable out in the ocean, the team will teach you the rest! Are you travelling with kids? Then talk to Crest Diving for more information on their family-friendly, shore-based activities or contact Ulladulla Dive and Adventure, who run “Try Dive” lessons in the local aquatic centre, a safe and friendly environment for the young ones to learn the ropes. Dive Jervis Bay is excellent for anyone looking for a variety of diving adventures, with “learn to dive” courses for absolute beginners all the way up to PADI Divemaster courses which allow you to be a certified scuba diving instructor anywhere around the world.

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