Hyams Beach was recently named as number 8 in the World's 50 Best Beaches by Flight Network, which is a pretty awesome achievement but did you know that there are actually HEAPS of white sand beaches in Jervis Bay? Hyams Beach gets super busy because it's so popular, and it can be really difficult to get a car park so please have a look below at some of our favourite alternatives for white sand beaches and other ways to get to Hyams. 

In January 2017 Canberra Times journo 'Tim The Yowie Man' decided it was time to prove it once and for all and took sand samples from seven Jervis Bay white sand beaches and concluded it was impossible to tell the difference, his only wish was that he had been able to gather sand from all 16 Jervis Bay beaches.  

White Sand


We've put together a quick guide to the white sand beaches of Jervis Bay including Hyams Beach, so you can make the most of your white sand hunt. Read our tips below for finding the best beach for you including information on facilities nearby and best selfie spots!


Nelsons and Plantation Point

Nelsons Beach in Vincentia is a long white sand beach stretching along the eastern shores of Jervis Bay. Perfect for long walks and some dolphin spotting, the beach sits between rocky outcrops to the south (Secret Beach) and to the north, at Plantation Point. Plantation Point is a rocky outcrop between Nelsons Beach and Barfleur Beach and features a large grassy reserve, perfect for ball games with the kids. Ample car parking, public toilets, an outdoor shower and a childrens playground make the reserve a perfect place for families and picnickers. 

- Dogs are allowed off-leash at Nelsons Beach and Plantation Point Reserve between 4pm-8am.

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Collingwood, Orion and Barfleur

Collingwood Beach (pictured) is one of the longest beaches in Jervis Bay, and is a lesser known but equally stunning beach popular for windsurfing and paddle boarding. Around the corner from Collingwood is a natural boat ramp and accessible pathway which will take you to Orion Beach, from there you can continue on the Barfleur and Plantation Point.

- Plantation Point has a fantastic picnic area with parking and public toilets 

- Conveniently close to Vincentia Village shops and some great coffee and delicious food. 

Callala Bay and Beach

Callala Bay and Callala Beach (pictured) are on the north side of the bay, and both are long white sand beaches with plenty of room for your own space or even a game of beach cricket! These two lazy seaside villages have lots of cute holiday house accommodation so you can settle in for a while and get your dose of coastal quiet.

- Dogs are allowed off leash on Callala Beach between 4pm and 8am 

- Both beaches have public toilets in the local villages

- At Callala Bay the local shops have a cute cafe, takeway shop and IGA

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Holeinthewall Yatch+Tree Jordan Robins

Hole in the Wall and Murrays

Hole in the Wall Beach (pictured) and Murrays Beach are located in Booderee National Park, not far from Hyams Beach. Hole in the Wall has stunning white sand, and you are sure to find a spot to yourself to spread out for the day, it was even the location of Kim Kardashian's Australian photo shoot with Vogue magazine.

- Murrays Beach has plenty of parking, a lovely shady walking track as well as options to venture further through the park and around the headland to the ruined Cape St George lighthouse. Murray's is also very well known for its spectacular white sand and crystal clear water, but can cater to more visitors than Hyams.

- There are public toilets at Murrays Beach but there are no shopping facilities nearby


Beecroft Peninsula

Beecroft Peninsula is the northern headland of Jervis Bay, and has some stunning beaches, some which are very hard to get to and thus you will often have it to yourself! The beaches on the Navy base are only open to the public on weekends and school holidays, and include Long Beach (pictured), Honeymoon Bay, Target Beach and Silica Cove

- Hare Bay is open every day and you can actually walk there from Callala Bay

- Honeymoon Bay is open on weekends and is popular for camping 

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Greenfield and Blenheim

Greenfield beach is located in the Jervis Bay National Park between Hyams Beach and Vincentia, and was recently named in the top 10 beaches in the world by The Guardian UK in 2016.

- Get out the picnic rug! Greenfield has a great BBQ area

- Parking is a breeze with its own designated parking area

- Perfect crystal clear calm water for the kids

Our local insiders also recommend checking out Blenheim Beach (pictured), which adjoins the Jervis Bay Nation Park.

Hyams Beach

Hyams Beach is the most famous of our white sand beaches, but it's fame comes at a price and it can get incredibly crowded in summer. If you're desperate to see Hyams Beach (it is beautiful) we highly recommend making a day of it and taking the White Sands Walk from Nelsons Beach in Vincentia, take a picnic and enjoy the other white sand beaches along the way. Hyams Beach has very limited parking spaces, one cafe, and one public toilet (which in Summer services thousands of people a day).

- An alternative if you want to drive to Hyams is to visit at sunrise or sunset when there are less crowds

- The Hyams Beach Store has delicious coffee to refuel after the walk from Nelsons Beach

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