Take your Instagram game to the next level with our top photo-worthy beach locations and natural attractions in the Shoalhaven.

Abundant in unspoilt beauty, the Shoalhaven is home to many natural environments that will be sure to inspire your next Instagram shoot. Grab your friends and go explore the unique settings that will give your Instagram the edge. We’ve collected our top seven locations, including some of lesser-known local favourites.

Termeil Point Beach

Termeil Point Beach (100 Beach Challenge No. 75)

Situated in Meroo National Park, Termeil Point Beach is a completely private beach that is surrounded by lush coastal forest. Running for 1.7 kilometres, Termeil Point Beach has an ancient cove rock face and a nearby campground so you can have a few days rest whilst your there. Keep a lookout for some playful dolphins and pack a set of binoculars for spotting whales. On your way there, step back in time by dropping by Tabourie Lake Museum which holds a collection of over 12,000 artefacts including rocks, minerals, shells, fossils, Aboriginal artefacts and more!

Pebbly Beach (100 Beach Challenge No. 97) 

Renowned for its abundant kangaroo population, Pebbly Beach is home to the mythical surfing kangaroo. Venture into Murramarang National Park to find this popular surfing location and camp ground, or simply stop for a picnic and admire the wildlife. If you’re more on the adventurous side you can take the walking track to Durras Mountain for a hike. Please remember to be a champion of responsible wildlife interactions and do not feed or interfere with the animals - they are after all wild!

three views

Three Views Walking Track (Kangaroo Valley)

With spectacular views of the Shoalhaven River, Tallowa Dam and Lake Yarrunga, the Three Views Walking Track offers expansive views of Morton National Park. The level track is a 9.5 kilometres long, including return but has three short options, and incorporates cliff-edge viewing point, providing unspoilt views of the landscape. Before heading off, drop by Kangaroo Valley's village and make sure you have a tasty lunch at Southern Pies or a sugar-hit at Kangaroo Valley Fudge House and Ice Creamery. Its also advised that you have a restroom break at the public toilets in Kangaroo Valley as there are none available on the track.

Pigeon House Mountain (Didthul) 

Looking to take your Instagram shots to the next level? Why don’t you try the iconic Pigeon House Mountain Didthul Walking Track near Ulladulla. This epic walk has sweeping views of the Shoalhaven, but the mounatin itself is an icon and you can get a great shot from many places miles around, such as Rusden Head or Florence Head walking tracks. Pigeon House is rated as a difficult walk. You can take a guided approach with Region X who can pick you up from your hotel and give you the grand tour of the track plus a cool dip in Clyde River Reserve. Want to experience the track beforehand? Take a virtual tour of Pigeon House Mountain Didthul walking track with Google Street View Trekker.

Pigeon House Mountain
Gosangs Tunnel

Gosang’s Tunnel 

Hidden amongst the shrubbery of Point Perpendicular, Gosang’s Tunnel is a secret location that can only be found by crawling through 20 metre rock tunnel. So how do you find this adventurous location? Head to the walking track at Abraham’s Bosom Reserve in Currarong and follow the track to Mermaids Inlet. The view is out of this world, plus you’ll fall in love with the small Currarong township which has a tasty cafe and resturant and incredible accommodation retreats including Beachbreak Currarong, Currarong Waterfront Retreat and Atlantis Seafarers Cottage plus many more!

Mermaid Pools (100 Beach Challenge Berrara Beach No. 44)

Not only are Mermaid Pools near Berrara the perfect place to cool off with a swim, but they make for awe-inspiring images for your Instagram feed! These natural rock pools are surrounded by beach and bushland and are the definition of #unspoilt in the Shoalhaven. Swing by Cudmirrah Nature Reserve Beach (also known as Berrara South) and head to the southern end of the beach to find the magical mermaid pools.

Mermaid Pool
Berry Donut Van

Finally, one not-so-natural but totally delicious locations – The famous Berry Donut Van!

This is obviously not a natural location but we know you’ll enjoy it! The famous Berry Donut Van has been operating for over 55 years in Berry and bakes the freshest cinnamon donuts. Its vintage-inspired setup is a great place to have a pitstop and a coffee before heading off on your insta-shoot. 

(Photo Credit: @suzannee via Instagram) 

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