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Jervis Bay’s Underwater Wild Side

With hundreds of species of fish, sharks, rays, marine mammals and plants, Jervis Bay is home to a unique mix of tropical and temperate species found in its crystal clear water. Be enthralled by the unique, cute and sometimes scary marine life that lurks beneath. Hang with seals above and below the surface. Spot whales and get to know huge communities of resident dolphins that are generations old. The best way to experience the most of this underwater paradise is by taking advantage of all the knowledge a local guide can provide.


Explore a Seal Colony

You may be surprised to find out that the Shoalhaven is home to two Fur Seal colonies located at either headland of Jervis Bay Marine Park. There are a number of seals at Steamers Head (in Booderee) and approximately 120 seals inhabit the new haul-out site at Drum and Drum Sticks (Beecroft Peninsula) at season’s peak. The best way to capture these playful creatures is to jump on Jervis Bay Wild’s South Coast Passage cruise, or a tour with Dolphin Watch Cruises and they’ll take you on a magical trip along the unspoilt coastline to see ancient sea caves and remote sea cliffs for three hours. Or book a voyage with Dive Jervis Bay, where you can swim deep in the ocean with the seals from April to November.


Go on a Dive or Snorkel Safari

With over 220 fish species and plentiful marine life including weedy sea-dragons, string rays and eastern blue devil fish, there are plenty of reasons why you need to jump on a snorkel safari and see them for yourself! Sue and her team at Crest Diving can help guide your snorkelling adventure both on-shore and off-shore. Discover endangered species that seek haven in Jervis Bay’s pristine waters and explore the rocky reefs with their friendly and professional team.


Spot a pod of dolphins

Jervis Bay is home to a pod of 60 Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins which are regularly sighted along the Shoalhaven coastline all year round. These intelligent marine mammals are highly popular on Dolphin Watch Cruises Jervis Bay dolphin cruise, where dolphins can be seen playing on the bow of the Spirit of Jervis Bay.


Go deep in the Jervis Bay Marine Park

The clean, clear water of Jervis Bay is a popular diving location with an international reputation. Many of the marine habitats include cliff faces and shallow and deep rocky reefs that create spectacular sponge gardens, kelp forest and diverse marine life. There are more than 30 dive sites around the bay which can be discovered on scuba diving adventures with Dive Jervis Bay. Or get a glimpse of Jervis Bay’s adorable seal colonies and epic sea caves with Woebegone Freedive.


Watch a whale breaching

Did you know that Jervis Bay is the resting point for whales during their 5,000 kilometre migration? What makes Jervis Bay so special is that its location is the only spot in New South Wales where the whales are in calm, still water, so close to shore. Jervis Bay acts like a creche where mum and bub whales use the bay as a place to play, learn and relax as it roughly the halfway point on their migration. Because of this, the region experiences one of the longest migration periods from mid-May through to November and you can take advantage of local on-shore whale watching spots such as Point Perpendicular Lighthouse on Beecroft Peninsula and Cape St George Lighthouse in Booderee National Park or jump a whale watching tour with Jervis Bay Wild or Dolphin Watch Cruises.

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