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Meet Danielle McKeon – Restaurateur and Owner of Milk Haus

Sounds like a pretty happy place to be every day, right? This is the life of successful restaurateur Danielle McKeon from wholefoods cafe Milk Haus. She moved to the South Coast from Canberra, drawn by the community-focused feel which fosters a harmonious environment. Danielle spends her days running the kitchen of her wildly popular cafe and spending time in her veggie garden, a place that she loves nurturing.

We were lucky enough to spend the day at Milk Haus and talk about good food that makes you feel alive and how Danielle tries to educate her customers in paddock to plate cooking philosophies.

Pop into Milk Haus and say hello to Danielle while dining on some scrumptious local fare. The cafe is open from 8am-4pm for breakfast and lunch every day except Tuesdays.

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