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Warming Recipes for Cooler Months

We’ve asked some of our expert, local chefs to share their favourite warming recipes that will transform you into a culinary connoisseur. The Shoalhaven is a huge foodie mecca, with top-notch cafes, restaurants bars just two hours from Sydney and Canberra. When you visit, you can also discover the freshest produce from farm gates, farmers markets, local producers and providores. Our Shoalhaven Producers Guide, created in partnership with Slow Food South Coast, has all the information you’ll need to embark upon your gastronomic adventure. Next time you are here, head to a local farmer’s market, grab some fresh ingredients and cook up a storm for yourself or see what can be delivered to your door here. For more information visit www.shoalhaven.com/foodie


Sweet Potato and Lentil Winter Bowl

Recipe by Marianne Cool from Slow Food South Coast

Serves: 4

V, VG (without honey), GF

This hearty vegetarian dish will warm your soul this winter. It’s the perfect balance of comfort food and seasonal freshness. Marianne from Slow Food South Coast believes in supporting a thriving local community and is always working to promote our regional farmers. Her delightful recipe is all about bringing delicious flavours to your palate whilst celebrating each and every ingredient on the plate. Head to one of our farmer’s markets to gather up the essentials for this meal, you’d be surprised to find that you probably already have a lot of what’s required sitting in your pantry!

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Marinated Raw Vegan Feta Cheeze

Recipe from Back 2 Earth Health Retreat, Berry

Makes: 3-4 jars


This yummy feta cheeze is not only an excellent addition to any tasting platter, it’s also super healthy for you and 100% vegan too! Back 2 Earth in Berry are our resident raw food experts, their beautiful health retreat specialising in wellness with a huge focus on the raw food lifestyle. Their recipe will make a few jars of this scrumptious feta, that you can store in the fridge for a variety of different occasions.

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BBQ Smoked Lamb, Chorizo and Chickpea with Feta Dressing

Recipe by Steve Brown from The Gunyah Restaurant at Paperbark Camp

Serves: 4

A delicious piece of succulent lamb is such an Australian winter staple. This recipe comes courtesy of our Jervis Bay glamping experts, Paperbark Camp, and is comfort food at its finest. The on-site Gunyah Restaurant is set amongst the lovely treetops in the Shoalhaven hinterland and we guarantee that each time you make this meal, you’ll feel like you’re right there amongst the paperbarks, escaping into the wild and cooking over a bonfire. This dish is all about simplicity, mixing top-quality ingredients together to create a wonderful dance of flavours on your tastebuds.

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Melange of Heirloom Beetroots with Chèvre & Walnut Crumb

Recipe by Robbie Blackburn from Queen St Eatery, Berry

Serves: 4

V, GF (without breadcrumbs)

Root vegetables work brilliantly in winter recipes, often used in traditional Sunday roasts and hearty stews. But in the upcoming cooler months, have a go at changing it up a bit and incorporating some beetroots into a nourishing winter salad. This mix of roasted, braised and pickled beetroots shows just how versatile (and delicious!) one simple ingredient can be. It’s definitely a recipe that requires a bit of time and planning but trust us, it will be a much-loved dish at the dinner table. If you feel like sampling some more incredible meals from chef Robbie Blackburn, head to Queen St Eatery in Berry for some amazing, modern Australian flair with a little French twist.

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Very Berry Smoothie Bowl

Recipe from Albert N Miso, Vincentia

Serves: 1

V, VG (without pollen), GF

We all know how tough it is to get up and go on those cooler mornings. That’s why a simple smoothie bowl recipe is an excellent way to make sure you pack in some nutrition before embarking upon your day. Whether you’re here in region and need a healthy breakfast to fuel your morning adventures or you’re back at home and need something quick before running off to work, Albert N Miso’s Berry Smoothie Bowl is a delicious start to any day.

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Twice Cooked Pancakes with Olive Oil, Cardamom Custard and Seasonal Fruit

Recipe by Danielle McKeon from Milk Haus, Woodstock

 Serves: 4


Satisfy your sweet tooth with this scrumptious pancake recipe. These aren’t just your everyday pancakes, though, they’re a diner favourite from iconic wholefoods canteen, Milk Haus. Cooking the batter twice makes the pancakes crunchy on the outside yet keeps them light and fluffy on the inside. The homemade custard is a yummy addition, and you can even serve it warmed up, perfect on those cold winter mornings. Check your local supermarket or farmer’s markets for what seasonal fruit is available.

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Wild Rice Salad with Poached Chicken (GF)

Recipe from The Garden Berry

Serves: 4


This warm chicken salad is jam-packed with a variety of flavours and textures. Combining Middle Eastern ingredients like wild rice, lemon and cranberries with Asian influences of edamame beans, sesame oil and sake. It’s a winning blend of ingredients that will tantalise your taste buds. We encourage you to source as much local, organic and seasonal produce as possible to make this dish. This is the essence of all meals prepared by The Garden Berry’s kitchen and truly makes for a plate of amazingly yummy food.

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Roasted Butternut Squash with Tandoori, Maple Labneh & Herbs

Recipe by Russell Chinn from Cupitt’s Kitchen

Serves: 2


Easy to prep. Easy to cook. Lovely to eat! This simple Roasted Butternut Squash is the brainchild of acclaimed Cupitt’s Winery chef, Russell Chin. It just elevates an everyday roast pumpkin recipe to a new level with the delightful addition of the tandoori maple labneh, which adds a great touch of sweetness and spice, all in one hit.

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