Serves: 4


3 lamb rumps (lightly trimmed)


2 garlic crushed

1 tbsp each dried fennel, cumin, coriander, paprika - toasted and milled

2 tbsp oil


500mL cooked chickpeas

1tbsp tahini

1 lemon juiced

1tsp crushed garlic

50mL olive oil

water to adjust


1 chorizo, diced

1 garlic clove, crushed

1 tbsp smoked paprika

red wine to deglaze

500mL cooked chickpeas, rinsed and dried

salt & pepper

1/2 bunch thyme, chopped


1 head of fennel

1 bunch of rocket

lemon juice to taste

Feta Dressing

50g feta

35L vinegar

35mL warm water

1/2 bunch thyme

150mL olive oil



1. Prepare and marinate the lamb 24hrs before needed. Ask your butcher to leave a thin layer of fat on the rump to protect the meat and carry the smoke.

2. To make the hummus, add all ingredients to a good quality blender and blitz, adding water to get a creamy and spreadable consistency. Season to taste.

3. To make the feta dressing, add all the ingredients to a high powered blender except the oil. Blend and slowly add the oil to emulsify, you may need to adjust seasoning.

4.To make the garnish, choose a good, fatty, raw chorizo, dice into chunky squares, put in thick based fry pan with good glug of oil and fry. When browned all around, add garlic and smoked paprika and deglaze with red wine. Add chickpeas and toss. Finish with seasoning and chopped thyme.

5. To make the salad, finely shave fennel on mandolin or slice wafer thin, put small squeeze of lemon to stop from browning, add to rocket.

6. To BBQ, The Gunyah uses heat beads and lump wood chunks and the flavour is vastly superior to gas BBQs. Heat up some heat beads, and also preheat oven to 200°C. When the BBQ bars are hot and the heat has become less aggressive, cover coals with hickory wood chip and immediately put lamb on the bars, fat side down first, then turn for an even brown. The time will depend on the heat. Once sealed all the way around, place on cooling rack on an oven proof tray and rest for 10 mins.

7. Place lamb in the oven for 10-12 mins, then the most important part to the process - rest for 12-15mins. This is integral! Be patient, it’s so worth it.

8. Assemble by placing hummus on the plate, feta dressing around and chorizo, chickpea garnish on the hummus, finish the salad with a touch of feta dressing and place atop the chorizo mix. Finally, slice the lamb to finger width and lightly season each slice. Place that beautiful blushing lamb on top. And if you’re feeling fancy add fried parsley leaves to finish. Enjoy!