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Killer Queen Experience Show

Killer Queen Experience Show

7 September 2024 

8:00 pm


Killer Queen Experience Show

The Killer Queen Experience, established in 2003, has evolved from a local Brisbane Queen cover band to a globally recognized tribute act, acclaimed as Australia’s finest. They reached a career pinnacle by meeting the original Queen band in 2020. The group’s lead, John Blunt, has been impersonating Freddie Mercury for over 15 years, gaining international acclaim, particularly for his role in the ITV docudrama “The Freddie Mercury Story – Who Wants to Live Forever.”

The band features Wayne Vitale, Kevin Shilling, and Andrew Edwards, who together recreate Queen’s iconic lineup with precise costumes, instruments, and harmonies. Their two-hour show, featuring hits like “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “We Will Rock You,” has gained worldwide popularity. Following the success of the “Bohemian Rhapsody” film in 2018, Killer Queen has been dedicated to preserving and celebrating the legacy of Queen.

The Killer Queen Experience will be performing at The Country Club St Georges Basin on Saturday, September 7th. As Australia’s premier Queen tribute band, they bring a history of impressive global tours and a faithful rendition of Queen’s classic music. Tickets are available for $37 in presale or $42 at the door. Don’t miss this chance to experience their thrilling two-hour show, a tribute to Queen’s greatest hits and their legendary musical style.


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