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The F.O.C.K.: Festival of Canoe and Kayak

The F.O.C.K.: Festival of Canoe and Kayak

23 June 2023 

Canoe crowd
Floating stage with kayakers
Aboriginal Cultural presentation
Canoes and kayaks on the river
Family carrying a canoe on land
Marquees at the festival

The Festival of the Canoe and Kayak (The F.O.C.K.) is a celebration of recreational paddling in Australia.

Four days of Canoe and Kayak activities and events in the Canoeing Capital of Australia: The Gangurang, Kangaroo Valley.

The F.O.C.K. is a family friendly celebration that encompasses canoes, kayaks, pack rafts, dragon boats, sea boats, river boats, play boats, outriggers, nawis and more.



15 September 2023
1 July 2023
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