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The Polyphonic Sea Exhibition

The Polyphonic Sea Exhibition

24 September 2023 

10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Artwork detail: Sarah Hudson, re:place, 2022
Artwork: Nova Paul, Hawaiki, 2022, 16mm colour film (still)
Artwork: Nova Paul, Ngā Pūrākau Nō Ngā Rākau, 2023, 16mm film (still)
Visitors at Bundanon
Cake selection at Ramox Cafe
Art Museum & Ramox Cafe

The Polyphonic Sea presents the recent work of twelve artists from Aotearoa New Zealand. It explores the wealth of languages around us, from speech and writing, gesture and music, to the ongoing flow of communications from the natural environment.

The exhibition reflects two of Bundanon’s guiding principles: to create a working environment for artists through its onsite residency program, and to support a diversity of art forms. Many of the works were created or transformed at Bundanon from existing ideas and in conversation with the site.

Some artists acknowledge their Māori heritage, drawing on First Peoples’ knowledge and language in the creation of their work. Others respond more broadly to the diversity of communication that surrounds us, from the human to the environmental.



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21 October 2023
21 October 2023
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