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Cupitt’s Estate Tour and Taste

Cupitt’s Estate Tour and Taste

Indulge in the ultimate wine and beer lover’s adventure with Cupitt’s behind-the-scenes tour. Join in as they unlock the captivating world of viticulture, winemaking, and brewing, where the focus is on fun, sampling, and connecting with fellow wine and beer enthusiasts.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting underground barrel cave, guided by the team, who will eagerly share the secrets of the wines. Sip on handcrafted vintages as you delve into the stories behind the land, the people, and the winemaking techniques that make Cupitt’s an extraordinary destination.

But the enjoyment doesn’t stop there! Get ready to explore the oldest brewery on the South Coast, where you’ll dive headfirst into the brewing process. Uncover the dedication of the brewers as they craft the finest quality beer. And to top it off, they’ll gather at the bar, where you’ll experience some of the delightful brews firsthand.

Please note that some areas they visit may have uneven ground, adding an adventurous touch to the experience. While access may be suitable for most, if you have any specific accessibility requirements, please get in touch with us to discuss available options. The tour is not suitable for children.



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From $70
5 October 2023
From $27.78
25 November 2023
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