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One Track For All

One Track For All

One Track for All Ulladulla
One Track for All Ulladulla

One Track for All is a walking track on the northern headland of Ulladulla Harbour. It is a free public area that has four lookouts providing spectacular views of the coast and the Ulladulla surrounds and harbour.

Telling the story of the southern Shoalhaven Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal history, from an Aboriginal perspective and is a popular free attraction in Ulladulla.

The Aboriginal walking track has been constructed in a way that, from a higher vantage point or from the air, the two halves appear as two large goannas, with four carved platforms for some of the best views of the Ulladulla Harbour.

It is a cultural trail that will delight all, with the stories illustrated with carvings and paintings by local Aboriginal Elder Noel Butler, linking Indigenous culture with white man history.

This unique heritage aboriginal track showcasing Indigenous culture has been carefully constructed to provide assisted wheelchair, pram and bicycle access. There is also disabled access parking at the track head, and there is space for buses to drop off passengers and park nearby.

As featured in the Walks of Milton Ulladulla booklet available at the Tourism Hub at the Dunn Lewis Centre 141 St Vincent Street Ulladulla.



4 April 2023
20 May 2023
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