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Sussex Inlet

Sussex Inlet

Sussex Inlet
Sussex Inlet
Sussex Inlet Paddle Board Competition

The largest village on St Georges Basin, Sussex Inlet is built around a system of tidal canals, and the Sussex Inlet river, which provide easy access for boating enthusiasts. Boat hire is available to explore the extensive canals and waterways in the area or to browse the sea life below.

Just to the south are the ocean beaches and towns of Cudmirrah and Berara, with the broad expanse of St Georges Basin to the north west.

Each of these is a scenic sensation, and the proximity of these varied seascapes gives residents and visitors to Sussex Inlet a great range of leisure options.

A great way to explore the area is by bike, with urban bike paths and bush bike trails to suit everyone.

A full range of shops and cafes is available as well as a cinema and golf course.

22 June 2023
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2 April 2023
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