Berry Historic Museum

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The Berry Historic Museum is a great place for those interested in local history. The Museum is housed in what was originally the ES and A Bank. The building itself is of historical significance. It was designed by colonial architect William Wilkinson Wardell and was built in 1886. The town of Berry was originally a private town belonging to the Coolangatta Estate, owned by Alexander Berry. The Museum contains many records of early settlement in the Berry district. Established in 1970, the Berry Museum has an extensive collection of items, memorabilia, photographs and records donated by the local community. These relate to the area's agricultural, dairying, and timber past. There are many photographs of people, places and activities on display in the various rooms of the Museum. Guided and self completing tours are available and there is a 'please do touch room' for children. Bookings are required for guided or group tours.


135 Queen Street, Berry, New South Wales, 2535
4464 3097
Opening hours: 
11am - 2pm Saturday. 11am - 3pm Sunday. 11am - 2pm daily during school holidays.