Fleet Air Arm Museum

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The Royal Australian Navy invites you, your family and friends to visit the Fleet Air Arm Museum at HMAS Albatross Nowra. Explore and experience the story of naval aviation from its beginnings to the present day. The current exhibition "Wings over Water" tells the story of naval aviation in Australia, with aircraft from the 20th Century, ranging from a World War One Sopwith Pup to an A4 Skyhawk jet fighter. The exhibition also includes examples of allied and foreign aircraft, like the MiG-17 fighter. Showcases and audio visual displays add to the stories of these aircraft and those who flew and fixed them. Individual displays include the US 135th Assault Helicopter that incorporated the RAN Helicopter Flight-Vietnam and a special exhibit on Admiral Sir Victor Smith. The Museum's flight simulator provides a 'virtual experience', for all ages, on what it is like in the pilot's seat. Come and have fun.


489a Albatross Road, Nowra, New South Wales, 2541
4424 1920
4424 2192


Indicative Prices $10 (Free for children under 16)
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Open 10am - 4pm daily.


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