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HopDog is an 800L craft brewery located on the South Coast of NSW. HopDog is an Ale only brewery, producing hand crafted boundary pushing beers using quality ingredients sourced from Australia, New Zealand, and America. Head brewer Tim Thomas brings with him 15 years professional brewing experience, having brewed previously for the Lord Nelson and Five Islands Brewing Company to name a few, and has seen the emergence and rise of the Australian craft beer industry. HopDog began production in 2011, but like most good things has been in development for much longer. It is a crime to think that beers are for chugging or need a billion dollar marketing campaign. In fact the emergence of the craft brewing industry brings with it food matching and opening a flood of food preparations using beers - cuisine de la biere – and brewing with ingredients inspired from cooking. Oak barrels, gingerbreads, coffee and seasonal fruits all have a place in the HopDog larder. This is where Tess’s experience is paramount to the brewery. With 17 years experience as a chef, her knowledge of flavours and food matching helps refine the final product and sort the brewery into a well oiled machine.


Unit 2, 175 Princess Highway, South Nowra, New South Wales, 2541
0428 293 132
0458 200 154
Opening hours: 
10am to 5pm Friday, 10am to 4pm Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Sunday by appointment only