Pigeon House Mountain Didthul picnic area

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Update: This trail is currently closed. Please refer to NWPS for further information. A beautiful 30 kilometre drive from the town of Milton will take you to a picnic spot with something for everyone. Surrounded by dry eucalypt forest and grassy woodland, this is a great place to settle down in sublime nature. If birdwatching is of interest, be sure to pack some binoculars: Morton National Park is home to 176 different species. Alternatively, you might like to bring some sturdy shoes and a water bottle and follow the popular Pigeon House Mountain Didthul walking track. The track leaves right from the picnic area and traces a 460-metre ascent, culminating in steel ladders that make it possible for you to climb to the top of the peak and appreciate views across the sandstone cliffs. No climbing equipment is necessary, and the track is suitable for almost anyone of moderate fitness. After reaching the top of the mountain and returning back the way you came, find a shady spot at the supplied picnic tables, or beneath some gum trees, and break out a long picnic lunch.


Pigeon House Mountain Didthul picnic area, Yadboro, New South Wales, 2539