Shoalhaven Wakeboard School

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At Shoalhaven Wakeboard School they believe that life begins at the end of your comfort zone, a land unknown is a journey waiting to be discovered. Their adventure sport tours will take you to some of the most beautiful locations in the world! The cleanest beaches in the world with not a soul in sight, water so crystal clear, you'll be mistaking it for a postcard. The natural awe of stone caves and formation is breathtaking; they aim to share this beauty with as many like-minded people as they can! Through Earth Beat projects, they are helping to regenerate other parts of the land that have been exhausted. The team at Shoalhaven Wakeboard School is ensuring a sustainable future for all generations to come! Be it one tree at a time or removing one noxious weed at a time... they are leading the way!


6 Davenport Road, Shoalhaven Heads, New South Wales, 2535
0401 934 236
0401 934 236