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Saltwood Cafe & Lifestyle serves coffee, gourmet food, homewares, clothing & accessories.

Coffee, Gourmet Food, Homewares, Clothing & Accessories

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We offer a wide variety of delicious meals prepared fresh, including pasta dishes, chicken, seafood, veal, steak, traditional and gourmet wood fired pizzas and calzones, salads, desserts and a kids menu. We are a family operated restaurant, situated at the top end of Kinghorne Street Nowra.

Relaxed welcome interior
Bistro One46 is where true hospitality and great food meet. It has become a favourite meeting place for friends and family from the Southern Highlands,
Ritual Habitual Coffee Caravan
We are Ritual Habitual. We specialize in louder than love espresso, handmade because we care about every step of the process Our coffee caravan is
The Little Snapper
The Little Snapper is located in the sea-side town of Culburra Beach. Offering delicious food, friendly service and a comprehensive wine, cocktail and beer list,