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Shoalhaven | South Coast NSW

Greenwell Point

Greenwell Point NSW in the Shoalhaven, South Coast is a family friendly fishing village offering great seafood, fishing, boating and world famous oysters.

Greenwell Point NSW is located on the coast east of Nowra and is one of the leading seafood ports in the Shoalhaven. The small fleet of trawlers bring in their catch daily, some of which is sold locally in the town’s seafood outlets. The local oyster farms here provide an indulgent oyster feast – shucked while you wait or freshly packed and chilled.

WHAT TO DO IN Greenwell Point

Greenwell Point is much-loved for its squadron of pelicans which gather in the local park to the delight of visitors as well as for its safe boating locations. There is a wide footpath that runs along the waterfront, providing a great place for little kids to ride their bike or scooter – or just run! Enjoy some hot chips and fresh local seafood by the water after a play at the park, Pelican Rocks Fish & Chips actually won the award for best Fish and Chips in NSW in 2017 and 2022. Greenwell Point has accommodation in three caravan parks, self-contained houses and seaside motels. 

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