Explore the region on foot

With huge amounts of the Shoalhaven officially declared wilderness, it’s easy to escape the buzz of modern life and tread the less travelled paths. We have so many walks of different shapes and sizes, but here are a few you might want to try.


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Burrill Lake, South Coast NSW
Burrill Lake is a seaside village surrounded by natural bushlands, located between serene lake waters and tranquil coastline. Located just south of Ulladulla, the estuarial
Hole in the Wall Beach

Hole in the Wall Beach gets its name from the sandstone rock wall with a hole in it at the Eastern end of the beach.

Lobster Bay

Lobster Bay is a north facing beach located along Coomies Walk in Abrahams Bosom Reserve. It can only be accessed on foot from Abrahams Bosom

Murrays Beach, Booderee National Park
Welcome everyone, this is Booderee. Or in the local Dhurga language, Walawaani Njindiwan Njin Booderee. Booderee is home to one of Australia’s most stunning national
Hare Bay

Hare Bay is popular with paddle boarders and jet skiiers because of the calm water and proximity to Callala Bay. The beach can be accessed