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Whale Watching Along the Shoalhaven Coast

It’s time to join the annual whale migration and explore some beautiful stretches of Shoalhaven coastline. Revive your wild side with coastal walks, headland picnics and ocean adventures with local guides – you can even swim with humpbacks whales and seals! These amazing creatures aren’t alone in their love of our shores, there is a diverse blend of migrating and resident creatures who thrive here too, like dolphins, penguins, white-bellied sea eagles and precious shorebirds. Once you’ve had your fill of ocean adventures there’s a community of growers and makers to sate what’s sure to be a healthy appetite for delicious local food and wine. The best time to see the whales is between May and November so start planning your trip today! 

Whales of Jervis Bay

Each year is better than the last

It’s a wonderful truth that the numbers of whales travelling along the East Coast of Australia are increasing each year. Humpback Whales and Southern Right Whales are the most frequently encountered, but we also see smaller cetaceans like Bryde’s Whales, Minke Whales and sometimes the largest of them all – the Blue Whale. Toothed whales like False Killer Whales and Orca’s are less frequently seen but their smaller relatives, the dolphins often accompany boats to and from shore and love to show off their speed and beauty as they race us across the bay.

In the early part of the season, the whales are travelling north to warmer waters to give birth, and watching their return trip with newborn calves in tow is a precious sight as the little ones learn to ‘whale’ with the help of their mum’s and family pods.

As your own adventure unfolds, you’ll be rejuvenated by the sea air, humbled by the vastness of the sea cliffs and caves, and relaxed by the lapping of crustal clear waters on white sand beaches. Whale watching from sea and shore is a great way to tick off a few locations in the 100 Beach Challenge too.

Jervis Bay Wild

Huskisson | Book online

Boasting its own cafe, jetty and catamaran on the water at Huskisson, Jervis Bay Wild provides a complete whale watching experience. Start with breakfast on the sundrenched deck at Portside Cafe (or finish off your cruise with lunch) then set off on your adventure! The vessel, Port Venture and the cafe are fully accessible, making this a great experience for people with mobility challenges. There’s even a dedicated spot on the bow for wheelchairs! Hear the history of Jervis Bay and fascinating facts about all our marine life as you explore the Humpback Highway.

Dolphin Watch Jervis Bay

Huskisson | Book online

Dolphin Watch Cruises have a whole fleet of vessels to help you join the migration from Huskisson. For thrill-seekers, the Eco-Explorer is a powerful 18-meter jet boat which can reach speeds of up to 30 knots and promises a thrilling ride in your search for whale spouts. Krill seekers who like a more leisurely pace can book a spot onboard the Tekin III, a stately catamaran which boasts five separate viewing decks and is very well known to our resident dolphins who love to swim alongside in the bow waves. This vessel is a great one for comfort and even comes with a hydrophone so you can hear the whales and dolphins singing and chattering below and a bar for refreshments. The third vessel is ‘Discover’ a beautiful luxury yacht great for private groups and a more intimate exploration of Jervis Bay.

Ulladulla Fishing Charters

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If you have a group and want to charter a whole boat for your crew, or combine your whale watching with a spot of fishing, then book yourself onto a tour with Ulladulla Fishing Charters. Dan will show you glorious coastline with icons like Warden Head Lighthouse, Mollymook Beach and Didthul Pigeon House Mountain and it’s a short trip out to the migration path. Like all our sea adventures, you’re likely to see seals and seabirds like the giant albatross and headwaters and when you get back ashore you’ll be right on cue to sate a hearty appetite at some fabulous eateries, like Rick Stein Bannisters, Cupitt’s Winery and Dangerous Ales at Milton Hotel.

Swim and Snorkel with Whales and Seals

Huskisson | Book online

Throughout the whale migration season, Dive Jervis Bay is offering the opportunity for visitors to experience these beautiful creatures like never before. Here’s your chance to really get up close and personal with the whales and create a holiday memory that all your friends will be crazily jealous of! Whales are wonderfully curious animals, sometimes approaching boats and divers to see what they’re doing. On this 4-hour tour, you’ll get to really experience them in all their glory as you ride onboard with the experts, navigating the water to find the best spots to dive in for a swim. 

Huskisson | Book online 

Woebegone Freedive offers unique and adventurous beach and boat snorkeling expeditions to the seal colonies, migrating humpback whales, sea caves and white sandy beaches of Jervis Bay. Don’t forget to pack your Go-Pro on this experience of a lifetime as you dive in and emerse yourselves amongst the world of our ocean’s gentle giants.  Woebegone Freedive also offers freedive training courses and travel expeditions around the world. 

Experiences for you to discover

Meet Peter from Dive Jervis Bay

For those heading into the ocean, please review the Australian National Guidelines for Whales and Dolphin Watching and take a look at the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Regulations from the federal government. We love our beautiful marine life and encourage all visitors to catch a glimpse of these creatures whilst ensuring we aren’t interfering with feeding and mating habits.


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