It’s time to get wild about whales and explore some beautiful stretches of Shoalhaven coastline. Invite your partner, friends or family to share in an epic whale watching adventure from May to November each year. For those heading into the ocean, please review the Australian National Guidelines for Whales and Dolphin Watching and take a look at the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Regulations from the federal government. We love our beautiful marine life and encourage all visitors to catch a glimpse of these creatures whilst ensuring we aren't interfering with feeding and mating habits.

Whale Watching in the Shoalhaven - Jervis Bay Wild

Increased Marine Migration

The beautiful marine wonderland that lies along the Shoalhaven coast has encouraged many whales and other species of sea life to the area. Migration numbers are continuing to increase annually and you won't be able to miss the whales as they swim north to warmer waters. Watching their return trip with newborn calves in tow is also a precious sight. It's not all about the whales, though. Seals, little penguins, dolphins and amazing birds like the spectacular albatross are also out in full force. You'll be amazed by how many animals you'll be able to spot, even from the shore.

Jervis Bay Wild

Operating 365 days of the year, Jervis Bay Wild provides an extensive list of eco cruise services. Dolphin tours run all year round and eco whale cruises are in operation from mid-May to mid-November. Spend a day out in stunning Jervis Bay and experience true natural beauty, filled with incredible wildlife. The crystal clear water makes it a breeze to spot our sea friends floating about!

Whale Watching in the Shoalhaven - Jervis Bay
Whale Watching in the Shoalhaven - Jervis Bay Wild

Dolphin Watch Jervis Bay

Catch a glimpse of the whales with the experts. Don't be fooled by the name, Dolphin Watch Cruises also offers eco whale tours that let you get up close and personal. Their eco vessels allow viewers to get out to the whales super quickly, which means you spend more time actually seeing the sea life rather than looking for it.

Ulladulla Fishing Charters

Book yourself onto a sightseeing tour with Ulladulla Fishing Charters. Sail across the picturesque coastline a little further south and take in views of Ullladulla Lighthouse, Mollymook Beach and Pigeon House Mountain. You'll be positioned perfectly to spot various ocean species including the majestic humpback whales. Be sure to pack your camera for all of those Insta-worthy shots!

Whale Watching in the Shoalhaven - Ulladulla Fishing Charters
A humpback whale approaches a swimmer in Jervis Bay

Swim and Snorkel with Whales and Seals

During the 2019 whale migration season, Dive Jervis Bay is offering the opportunity for visitors to experience these beautiful creatures like never before. Here's your chance to really get up close and personal with the whales and create a holiday memory that all your friends will be crazily jealous of! Whales are super curious animals, sometimes approaching boats and divers to see what they're doing. And on this 4-hour tour, you'll get to really experience them in all their glory as you ride onboard with the experts, navigating the water to find the best spots to dive in for a swim. If this snorkelling trip is something that interests you, click here for more details about the guidelines of this tour. Don't forget to pack your GoPro and underwater case, you'll definitely want to document this epic adventure!

Plan your Trip

Use our itinerary builder to get your planning underway, you can save it, share it with your crew, and make changes any time.


Whale Watching in the Shoalhaven
Whale Watching in the Shoalhaven - Wild about Whales App

Wild about Whales

Download the Wild About Whales app for great tips on where to go and what to look for, but you can also log your own sightings in the interactive map and help researchers gather information about the migration. 

Witness the beauty of the seasonal whale migration on the Shoalhaven Coast. Head down to our shores between May and November to experience whale watching in our clear blue waters.