We think there's no better way to cool down and escape the heat. Whether you prefer bathing in a river or floating in the sea, here's a list of our top 10 Shoalhaven swimming spots that are guaranteed to refresh your body and soul.

Top 10 Shoalhaven Swimming Spots - Shallow Creek

1. Shallow Crossing

Combine a weekend of camping with a bit of swimming down by the Clyde River. Shallow Crossing campground, located near Bawley Point, is the perfect location for an escape into nature. The area is secluded and the waters are calm, great for families with young children.

2. Bawley Beach

The gentle waves at Bawley Beach are great for playing and the historic gantry provides lots of fun activities. Those who are brave enough can jump off the jetty while others can go for a snorkel to catch views of the friendly sting rays.

Top 10 Shoalhaven Swimming Spots - Bawley Beach
Top 10 Shoalhaven Swimming Spots - Green Patch Beach

3. Green Patch Beach

Venture into Booderee National Park in Jervis Bay and take a stroll towards Green Patch Beach. This area is famous for having some of the whitest sand in Australia, which makes the water crystal clear. At Green Patch, the waves are usually small and gentle, making it a perfect Shoalhaven swimming spot.

4. Moona Moona Creek

The entrance of Moona Moona Creek, which leads out into the ocean, is a popular summer watering hole. Tucked away just south of Huskisson, this beach is a tranquil place to laze on the sand. Play in the shallows or paddle further down the creek for somewhere deeper to frolic.

Top 10 Shoalhaven Swimming Spots - Moona Moona Creek

5. Abrahams Bosom Reserve

Abrahams Bosom Reserve is packed with plenty of swimming spots. They aren't, however, accessible by car so you'll have to leave your vehicle in the carpark and venture along the Wreck Walk. The secluded location means that the crowds are usually kept at bay and you might even be lucky enough to have the entire beach to yourself.

Top 10 Shoalhaven Swimming Spots - Abrahams Bosom Reserve
Top 10 Shoalhaven Swimming Spots - Lake Conjola Entrance

6. Lake Conjola Entrance

Keep an eye out for some local kangaroos while swimming in the entrance to Lake Conjola! There is so much to explore around this area – have a go on a rope swing, jump on a paddle board, or swim all the way across to the National Park.

7. Honeymoon Bay

Honeymoon Bay is a beautiful hidden swimming spot found on Beecroft Peninsula. This stunning bay is pristine and protected from the elements due to its round shape. You might even be lucky enough to see a kangaroo pop over for a dip!

Top 10 Shoalhaven Swimming Spots - Honeymoon Bay
Top 10 Shoalhaven Swimming Spots - Bangalee Reserve

8. Bangalee Reserve

There are wonderful views of the majestic Shoalhaven River from this bushland retreat and the area is the perfect spot for a picnic by the water. Pack your swimmers and a picnic blanket and settle in for the day or choose between three different trails and venture upon an invigorating walk!

9. The Berrara Mermaid Pool

Head on a peaceful beach walk in Conjola National Park and head to the Berrara Mermaid Pool. There are no houses or roads nearby so you can really immerse yourself in nature here. This location is home to one of the deepest rock pools in the Shoalhaven!

Top 10 Shoalhaven Swimming Spots - The Berrara Mermaid Pool

Cool down from the heat at any one of these fantastic Shoalhaven swimming spots. There are so many wonderful places to take a dip, why not tick all of these off one by one? See you soon in the water!