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Hit the Waves: Family Surf Holidays

There are many amazing spots to paddle out on a board and feel at one with the water. Hitting the waves and spending a day in the ocean is something that everyone can enjoy. Here are just some of the reasons why everyone should make their next vacation a family surf holiday.


Learn A New Skill

The South Coast is a popular destination for learning to surf. Beginners lessons offer a fun and relaxed way to be safely introduced to surfing basics. They are also fantastic for newcomers to get a feel for the overall dynamics of the ocean. Arrange a private family lesson, or choose to share the experience with others in a group setting. All South Coast surf schools offer friendly, qualified instructors and a full range of equipment. All you have to bring are your swimmers and a sense of adventure. Lessons are generally held in the most protected, user-friendly areas of the beach, allowing for an enjoyable and calm experience. The Shoalhaven is home to a wide selection of schools with lessons generally running all year round. A great family option is a school holiday package or a surf safari tour.


Boardriders Competitions

Boardriders competitions date back to the 1960s and are an important Australian surfing tradition. These comps are paramount in creating a family orientated atmosphere amongst the local surfing communities on the South Coast. They encourage a culture of openness and participation for both males and females of all ages and abilities. Inexperienced youngsters get the opportunity to safely explore the waves and build their confidence. Parents are never far away to offer assistance. It’s a great way for families to have a fun day out with mates. The older generation can also compete in opens or masters divisions and reunite with old friends. Take your pick, with over ten clubs currently sprawled along the coast.


Create Surf Memories

Every surfer remembers his or her first wave. It’s an unexplainable, pure moment that will last a lifetime. Often becoming a lifelong pursuit to relive the inner joy of catching that very first wave. For a parent, being able to introduce your children to an activity that has given them so much joy is a proud moment. There’s something special about being able to guide your young ones on the waves, with memories of your own childhood rushing back. A family surf holiday in the Shoalhaven will be something your kids will hold dear to their hearts for a lifetime.


Family Surf Holiday Itinerary – Day 1

10am: Surf check at Shoalhaven Heads. Nearby Comerong Island is pretty much uninhabited and you can walk or paddle there from the shore at Shoalhaven Heads. A truly unspoilt beach break!

1pm: Lunch at ‘The Heads’ pub, it’s family friendly and they do a great schnitty!

3pm: Eat oysters for an afternoon snack at Greenwell Point. Down on Greens Rd, you can get them straight from the growers and have them shucked while you wait.

4pm: Surf check at Culburra Beach. The town that’s raised surfing legends like Tyler and Owen Wright is definitely worth exploring. Grab a coffee from the expert local baristas at Ritual Habitual.

5pm: Head to your ultimate surf shack! The best areas for accommodation a short walk from very decent surf are Culburra Beach, Mollymook, or Bawley Point (especially if you are a bodyboarder who likes a fast, barrelling wave).


Family Surf Holiday Itinerary – Day 2

7am: Surf check at Mollymook, get in before the wind gets up!

9am: Brekkie in Milton. Grab a bite to eat at Pilgrims Café, where the fresh juices are named after local surf breaks. The friendly staff can recommend where the surf’s pumping that day too!

12pm: Try stand up paddle boarding at Jervis Bay. The bay has some of the whitest sands and clearest water in the world. You’re likely to get right up close to dolphins, seals and other beautiful sea creatures!

3pm: Surf check at Cudmirrah, near Sussex Inlet. Make sure you take some time to relax and soak in the views of Pigeon House Mountain from the beach.

5pm: Head back south to Harvest in Milton and have some food and drink to cap off your south coast adventure.


Shoalhaven Surf Schools

To make planning a breeze for your next family holiday, here are some of our awesome surf schools down in the Shoalhaven. Get in touch with our lovely experts to see what lessons they have on offer, we’re sure that there’s something there to suit everyone’s needs and skill levels. In the northern part of our region, you can learn the ropes with Jervis Bay Surf SchoolCulburra Beach Surf School and Shoalhaven Heads Surf School. Further down south, make sure to hit up WOW WatersportsPam Burridge Surf SchoolMollymook Beach Surf School and Soulrider Surf School.

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